Holidays in Nepal. Rishi Panchami Women’s Festival

Holidays in Nepal. Rishi Panchami Women’s Festival

Nepal Hindus celebrate Rishi Panchami in August-September. This is a women’s festival and only women do not officially work on this day. They have a day off. On this day, the goddess Parvati accepted the god Shiva as her consort after a long period of penance. She received her desired husband on this day, and therefore all women are happy, as happy as Parvati. Everyone is happy and merry. The festival in Nepal runs for four days. The main venue is the Shiva temples and, of course, the main Shiva temple – Pashupatinath.

On the first day of the festival, people eat sweet vegetarian dishes made with milk or yogurt. Yoghurt is a must-have for celebrating the Rishi Panchami festival. On this day, brothers come to visit their sisters and invite them to their homes to show respect, love, and treat them with good food. If one of the brothers does not come, the sister begins to sing mournful songs to express her disappointment and discontent. And those who are invited into the house sing melodious and cheerful hymns.

On the second day of the festival, Panchami Puja (religious service) is held during which women observe fasting.

After the puja, early in the morning they take a bath or take a bath in sacred ponds or rivers and begin to rejoice and celebrate throughout the third day of the festival until nightfall.

On the fourth day, priests are invited to the houses, the puja ends and the family sits down at the festive table.

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