Culture of Nepal. Little Buddha statue in Lumbini

Culture of Nepal. Little Buddha statue in Lumbini

As part of an international project to restore and develop the birthplace of the Buddha, a large statue of the little Buddha will be built in Lumbini, Nepal. This project is being carried out by the Buddhist Association of Thailand with the participation of the King and Queen of Thailand. Fixed assets are collected through the sale of gold plates and coins, which are made specifically for this project. Each plate and coin costs 99 baht. They are sold at popular 7-Eleven department stores as well as post office branches throughout Thailand.
A huge pilgrimage and architectural center dedicated to the Buddha will be erected in Lumbini within a few years.

It should be noted that every country in which there are representatives of the Buddhist religion has the opportunity to build its own temple on the territory of the Buddhist complex. There are already temples from Thailand, China, Germany, Cambodia and other countries.

The total cost of Thailand’s participation in the project to restore the Buddha’s birthplace in Lumbini will be 60 million baht, and the construction of the statue will cost another 20 million baht. The statue is being created in Thailand and is ready for completion, after which it will be transported to Lumbini, the city in central Nepal where the Buddha was born. The height of the statue is 3.55 meters and it will stand in the sacred garden of Lumbini, which is also under restoration and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Now in Thailand, statuettes have been created – an exact copy of the statue that will stand in the garden in Lumbini in Nepal. They will be distributed to all provincial temples in Thailand.

It is also part of a larger project for Thailand’s involvement in the rehabilitation, renovation and construction of new facilities in Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha Gautama.

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